Welcome to Ecological!

This is the culmination of years of planning, considering, and researching for my homestead and Tiny House as I prepare to build it.
It is full of info on building types, considerations and design ideas for the house and the site i'm looking for. The site also have links to content creators and other resources, so you can feel safe knowing where the sources for the information are coming from, and make your own research where you feel mine is inadequate.
I wish you all the best, and hope you will join me in making our world more Ecological, one small step at a time.

Tiny homes on wheels

Tiny house by TinyHomeBuilders
Also called Movable Homes, these tiny houses can be moved from location to location, making them ideal for the digital nomad or adventurous person.

Shipping Container Homes

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Shipping containers can be used not just for storage, but for making up the exterior of a house. They can be built as elaborately as needed, and multiple can be put together to form large homes.

Natural buildings

Natural buildings are the oldest standing buildings, and quite cheap to make. Straw, Cob, Rammed Earth, Hempcrete and others are found here.


Pacific Yurt with idyllic backdrop, with wooden porch infront.
Yurts are super insulated "tents" useful in both warm and cold weather. These round structures can both be made permanent, or used temporarily as they are easy to set up and take down.

Resources and Content Creators.

team spirit, cohesion, together
So much info about living Ecologically is hard to find. That's why i've collected the info, content creators and resources i've made use of, and will make use in the planning process of myhome and homestead.

Plan and Design

Hand, drawing, blueprint, design
Planning or designing a Tiny House, a Homestead or an addition? This is the place I've gathered all the info I've found, and my process of planning and designing my homestead.