The Homes category atlas page.

Atlas. Such a wonderful word - defined as "A volume of tables, charts, or plates that systematically illustrates a particular subject". There, that's now a thing I learned, and you did too.

There are a ton of things to talk about in the Housing category. Like, an absolute ton. Between the many different kinds of housing options, how to make them look like you want them to and how to handle the big needs of the people living there among many others, I fear I'll never truly be done talking about housing. Which I suppose is a good thing, as that means a ton of updates on the site, for a long time to come.

The overwhelming amount of options can be categorized though, so that is what I've done. Consider this page an atlas of the other pages within the Housing category, with a handy-dandy indexation system outlined below.


This is a non-exhaustive list. I'll be covering a ton of different things that aren't on this atlas as they come up and I feel like I have enough material on the subject to cover it.

Handy-dandy indexation system.

  • Container homes
  • Movable homes
  • Yurts
  • Natural building
  • Misc

Container homes:

If it's made of corrugated metal, it likely fits in here. This category will feature things like:

  • What to look for when buying container.
  • How to build container homes, or use them for additions in your home.
  • What can be done with container homes, besides just living in.
  • why you would, or wouldn't, choose container homes.

Movable homes.

Movable homes are typically thought off as homes on wheels, like trailers, campers and caravans. However it also encompasses a sub-group: non-permanent homes. These go in this category, and include such wonderful topics like.

  • How to build a house on a trailer.
  • What to consider when building a moveable home.
  • The price of a moveable home.
  • How to connect it to the grid for septic, power, water and heating.
  • What to consider when choosing the moveable homes lifestyle.
  • Neat tricks you can do in a moveable home, like cool interior stuff.


Alright, I admit: A yurt is a moveable structure, or rather classified as a non-permanent structure. However I am so head-over-heels in love with Yurts they got their own page. This might change as I get older and wiser, but for now I am young and naive. This category includes:

  • How to raise a yurt.
  • What foundations would be ideal for a yurt.
  • Where are yurts ideal, and where are they less ideal.
  • How to get heating, water and electrical in a yurt.
  • How to plan and design a yurt ( this one is special, as yurts are circular - a wonderful challenge!)

Natural building

Building with natural resources - what's more Ecological than that? Whether it's Log-homes, Cob, Adobe, Strawbale or a mix like Earthships, this is the category that encompasses it. Within this category I've gone over things like:

  • How to build with natural resources.
  • Considerations of building type
  • Where each method is applicable.
  • Hats and Boots of your building - foundations and roofs.


The miscellaneous part of Housing goes in here. These include things like heating, composting, handling humidity and such. As such, the things that fit in this category include:

  • Dealing with waste like composting, septic and such.
  • How to get water, heating and electricity in your home.
  • Passive and active heating, like woodburning and using solar heat.

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