The Ecological Message

Ecological is an umbrella for all things eco-friendly. If you're interested in reducing your carbon footprint and helping the wonderful blue pearl we live on, Ecological has you covered. I plan on having content focused on Tiny Houses, Container Homes, Sustainable living, Minimalistic Gardening, Sustainable alternatives to your favorite products and information on how you too can help the world.  If you, like me, go all high-pitched from enthusiasm when you hear these things, consider joining my mailing list. I strive to only bring you information that is relevant to you, and do so in a manner that wont make you hate opening your inbox.

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Who is the man behind the curtain?

Me. I'm the man behind the curtain. At least on this site. My name is Dennis and I'm a software developer with a love of fantasy and Sci-fi as well as homesteading and reuse of things. I love natural building, designing small gardens in various software and watching Monty Don (if you dont know who that is, i suggest you Google him. He's fantastic and basically the gardening version of Bob Ross). I made Ecological as I was frustrated with the amount of info i couldn't find online, so I ended up writing long emails to people, perusing 20-25 year old forum posts, annoying my local librarian by constantly showing up asking for specific books about homesteading, building shelters and Permaculture. Now I can only annoy my librarian over email, which really doesn't feel the same. I then gathered all that info and wrote blog posts that would have benefitted me when I started looking into these things.

If you like what you're reading, or just want to follow along as I attempt to make this whole "build a house, establish a homestead, get a dog" dream of mine a reality, join the email list so you'll be notified of new posts. I strive to post at least once a week, with as much useful content as I can.

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Important disclaimer:

I take no responsibility for how you choose to use the information I put forth here. Use your best judgement while perusing the site, use your best judgement while applying what I write here.

There, now that's a thing I've had to write. Strange times we live in, strange times.